Copyrighted Material

Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U. S. Code) to the authors of original works of authorship, that include the following categories:

Literary works;

Musical works, including any accompanying words; Dramatic works, including any accompanying music; Pantomimes and choreographic works; Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; Motion pictures and other audiovisual works; Sound recordings;

Architectural works.

Remember, material found on the Internet has the same copyright protection as material distributed through other media. Exceptions include materials found in the public domain, which can be used without permission, refer to any material published before 1923 or 70 years after the creators death.





Definition of liability - the state of being legally responsible for something, a person or thing whose presence or behaviour is likely to put one at a disa.




Website Disclaimer

A website disclaimer is a legal notice covering some of the key legal issues that arise out of the operation of a website. ... It also helps website operators to comply with information disclosure laws. The disclaimer is a shorter version of our website terms and conditions template.




External Links Disclaimer

A disclaimer informing the visitor of a web site that if they click on a link that takes the visitor to a different web site that the content, actions and opinions of the operator of that external site is not representative of the initial sites publishers.

For example, lets say we have site 1: www.site1.com and site 2: www.site2.com. If a visitor goes to www.site1.com and clicks a link that takes them to www.site2.com, the content of www.site2.com is not representative of www.site1.com.


Professional Disclaimer

A disclaimer declaring either an individuals or a company's position or authority level in regards to a specific topic or issue.